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pfSense® 2.1.2

pfSense® 2.1.2 notas de la versión
Questa pagina contiene il riassunto delle innovazioni, aggiunte e migliorie di pfSense® 2.1.2.

pfSense® 2.1.2 è principalmente una release di sicurezza.

Aggiornamenti di sicurezza
The Heartbleed OpenSSL bug and another OpenSSL bug which enables a side-channel attack are both covered by the following security announcements:
Altre correzioni
  • On packages that use row_helper, when user clicks on an add or delete button, the page scrolls to top
  • Correct a typo on function name in Captive Portal bandwidth allocation
  • Make extra sure that we do not start multiple instances of dhcpleases if, for example, the PID is stale or invalid, and there is still a running instance
  • Fix for CRL editing. Use an alphanumeric test rather than purely is_numericint because the ID is generated by uniqid and is not purely numeric

You will want to perform a full security audit of your pfSense® installations, renewing any passwords, generating or fitting new certificates, placing the old certificates on a CRL, etc.

Note for AutoConfigBackup users - If you’re not already on the most recent AutoConfigBackup package version, make sure you upgrade it under System>Packages before upgrading to 2.1.2.

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